South Manitou Island (A NoMi gem) Photo Credit: Cory Weber

Hi friends! If you’re here, you just made my day and I hope the details below brighten yours! Below are a few of our favorite podcasts we’re listening to to inspire balance, prosperity and personal contentment in our lives. Some of their advice is tried and true while others I’m just starting to apply. As a mother of three, wife, entrepreneur and a dual household manager, balance and well-being is key to my survival and the success of all my projects and goals. These amazing resources definitely bring light and clarity on boundless topics to strive for my personal best even on days when I just want to stay in my flannel pajamas and bing watch The Crown.

Someday I’ll share the story of when I threw a Dave Ramsey book in a rage to buy a sweater we couldn’t afford a year after we moved into our 1890 farmhouse on the hill in downtown Petoskey and the benefits of my Mr. keeping us in check. Until then, enjoy all the links below and I hope they bring you peace and insight! PS Dave Ramsey is a genius and I’m thankful for that darn book. -Much love, Sheila

Goal Digger | Jenna Kutcher

The Influencer Podcast | Julie Solomon

The Marie Forleo Podcast 

The Confidence Podcast | Trish Blackwell

TED Talks 

Boss Mom Podcast | Dana Malstaff

Optimal Living Daily 

Parenting Great Kids | Dr. Meg Meeker

Unruffled | Jane Lansbury

NPR Fresh Air 

The Dave Ramsey Show 


Also, while you’re here you should definitely check out more from this magic day on South Manitou Island.  Another to-do: to share the behind the scenes of this shoot which includes a lot of snakes, headlamps on golf carts in the dark and jumping dunes with a bottle of champs in hand. Life of a creative is tough, right!