Happenings | New York Bridal Fashion Week

Happenings | New York Bridal Fashion Week

When I started Tableau Events, I never imagined that one day I’d have the pleasure of attending New York Bridal Fashion Week. However, thanks to one of our gracious clients, I was honored to be a guest at the incomparable Carolina Herrera Spring 2016 bridal collection located in their Atelier in Manhattan. The showroom was as chic as you would imagine it to be. Elegant cabana striped seating and dramatic boxwood dominated the creamy blank canvas walls while the massive windows let in the New York City light. However, my favorite feature was the perfectly curated bookshelf nestled in the center of the offices. A quintessential focal point with its bold punch of vibrant colored book bindings. To see this gorgeousness for yourself, you must check out this stunning feature in Vogue.

Honestly, I could’ve walked in and out and immediately made a check on my bucket list. Yet instead, I was seated to my personalized location complete with a custom designed sweet treat to coordinate with the floral inspiration for the collection, Jasmine. As a designer and lover of small details, I was smitten. As the show began, I found myself in a surreal state of mind as couture gowns swept by me. Every piece of the collection was jaw-dropping and flawless. And while my eyes were captivated by the fairy tale works of art just arms length in front of me, my conscious was registering the fact that I was sitting alongside some of the most influential and inspiring writers and photographers in the wedding industry previewing together, the works of one of the most talented fashion designers in the world.

Carolina Herrera Bridal Show 1

Carolina Herrera Bridal Show 2

Carolina Herrera Bridal Show 3

I’m not sure if it was the euphoric high of the evening or if I thought I was hallucinating but after the show, I introduced myself to Mrs. Herrera and congratulated her on such a beautiful collection which she graciously replied, “thank you.”  Truly an event I’ll never forget!

Carolina Herrera Bridal Show 4


To see the entire Spring 2016 collection, be sure to check it out here!