Inspired by love, family, tradition and nature with a deep appreciation for signature trademarks, we design to create a legacy for years to come.

“It’s not about just one day, it’s about crafting the story with personal style that will last a lifetime.”

TABLEAU EVENTS brand story


We believe that the little things become the big things and the smallest intention can make the biggest impression. We live for ordinary moments that become time-honored traditions-walks by the lake, casual dinner parties at home, weekend brunch and mimosas, hanging ferns on the front porch in the Spring and feel the comfort in the familiarity when sharing these moments with those that matter most. We strive to make our own signature imprint in everything we do, wearing our favorite striped sweater on a chilly lake night, serving up our trusted go-to recipes with custom cocktail napkins when guests come by or burning our favorite candles around the studio and homes, knowing just how much the details invigorate the senses and evoke memories from the past.


We are sentimental to a fault and love so hard it drives our passion in all that we do. We make big plans for tomorrow but embrace every moment in the present knowing each day is truly a gift and are very intentional with how we spend our time in the studio capturing the heart of our client’s style, wrapped up in the precious moments of a wedding day or cooking for family dinner at six. Above all, we live authentically, comfortable in our own personal style, immersed in creating tableaus for ourselves and others by crafting experiences and products that inspire a legacy in life, love and home for those that will remember most.